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Determining if a Well is an Exempt Well

The Division of Water Resources has provided us with a guide to help determine if a well is exempt or not.  The permit or decree for the well is what needs to be checked against these criteria, as sometimes a well is being used in an exempt manner, but is permitted for non-exempt use.

Click here for DWR's flowchart.



Videos by Christi Bode

Flood Fact Sheet

The following is a link to the Corps of Engineers YouTube site, related to post-fire flooding videos. The Three videos on this sire are from flood events occurring within the past several years below burn areas in New Mexico. They are an impressive reminder of the power and swiftness of post-fire flood events. 

Click Here to view the link

Division of Water Resources

Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project

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San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District

Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust