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Subdistrict No. 1 Conservation Programs

Welcome to the Subdistrict No. 1 Conservation Practices Home Page!

Subdistrict No. 1 was formed to take action and help to reduce the amount of land being irrigated with groundwater, to encourage the recharge of surface water diverted into Subdistrict No. 1, to restore groundwater levels in the aquifer within the Subdistrict No. 1 boundaries and to prevent land erosion.

Subdistrict No. 1 has collaborated with numerous conservation groups, agricultural groups, local, state, and federal agencies, and landowners to develop a set of strategies to implement voluntary incentive based programs to reduce irrigation water use and restore the critical balance between supply and demand.


The following conservation programs are available to Subdistrict No. 1 constituents.

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

Please Click Here for More Information on CREP (Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program)

Round 3 SB22-028 Funding

Third Round of the SB22-028 Program (with a partial retirement option) is currently open until May 31st, 2024 @ 4:00 P.M.

  • Subdistrict #1 is adding additional incentives to Subdistrict #1 members that qualify for the SB22-028 Program using the same guidelines and Acre Foot (AF) payouts
  • $1250/AF additional incentive applied to the AF amount qualified in the SB22-028 Program; Total SB22-028 Funding ($3,000/AF) with Sub1 incentives ($1250/AF) = $4250/AF of highest 5-year average diverted between 2013-2022 within Subdistrict #1 Response Area
Final_Signed_SB22-028 Round 3 Incentive Resolution.pdf


Thank you for your interest in water conservation!
If you have questions contact at Taylor Chick at or 719-589-6301.