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Subdistrict No. 2

Sub District No. 2 officially formed as a legal entity on March 1st, 2016.  The Sub District No. 2 Board of Managers has completed the process of preparing the final Plan of Water Management and the Board of Directors of the District approved the Plan in the fall of 2017.  The Plan was then submitted to the State Engineer in May 2018 and issued approval of the Plan in August 2018. Please click on the State Engineer’s approval letter below to read more. The District Board held a hearing to adopt the Plan in September 2018 and the Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt the Plan. No objections were received to either the State Engineer or District Board’s approvals and the Plan of Water Management is now final. You may view a copy of the final Plan of Water Management below.

State Engineer’s Approval Letter2018 Final Plan of Water Management

The Sub District's first Annual Replacement Plan was approved May 1st, 2019. Sub District No. 2 is now remedying injurious stream depletions occurring on the Rio Grande. You can view the State Engineer's letter approving the 2019 Annual Replacement Plan, with conditions below. The submitted 2019 Annual Replacement Plan for Sub District No. 2 can also be viewed here.

The Board of Managers has approved the 2022 Annual Replacement Plan and has submitted it to the State Engineer for review and approval. You can view the State Engineer's letter approving the 2022 Annual Replacement Plan, letter of approval, below.

Please Click Here to view Current and Past Annual Replacement Plans 

The Board of Managers has approved and submitted a proposed 2023 Budget to be included in the District’s preliminary 2023 Budget. This budget is only proposed at this time and is subject to change if better information can be obtained in regards to the Sub District’s operational needs for 2020. The District will hold a Budget Hearing later this year to approve the final 2020 Budget. Notice will be published ahead of that meeting to include both the time and place the hearing will be held. Any questions regarding this proposed budget should be directed to Amber Pacheco. She can be reached at (719) 589-6301 or by email at

2023 Proposed Budget