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Subdistrict No. 5

Subdistrict No 5 officially formed as a legal entity on December 18, 2017. The Subdistrict No. 5 Board of Managers has completed the process of detailing the final Plan of Water Management and the Board of Directors of the District approved the Plan on February 4, 2020. The Plan was then submitted to the State Engineer and was approved March 13, 2020. Please click below to view the State Engineer’s Approval Letter. No objections were received to either the State Engineer or District Board’s approvals and the Plan of Water management is now final. 

State Engineer’s Approval LetterYou may view a copy of the final Plan of Water Management by clicking here.

The Subdistrict Board of Managers has also approved the Rules and Regulations for the Subdistrict on September 24th, 2020. 

These Rules described proper process for the Subdistrict and can be viewed here.

If you own surface water rights on Saguache or San Luis Creeks, the Subdistrict would like the opportunity to discuss WIP (Well Injury Payments) with you. In a WIP agreement the surface water owner allows the Subdistrict to remedy the injurious steam depletions other than by providing water and you are still asked to divert all the water you are entitled to. If you would like to discuss WIP or set up a time when Subdistrict staff can come meet with you please contact Chris Ivers at the District office or by calling 719-589-6301.

You can view the SAMPLE WIP Agreement here.

The Subdistrict 5 Board of Managers has approved a 2023 Budget and is included in the District’s final 2023 Proposed Budget. This Budget is calculated using a number of factors for the operational needs of Subdistrict 5. Any questions regarding the Budget should be directed to Chris Ivers at 719-589-6301 or by email at

2023 Approved Budget

The 2022 Annual Replacement Plan submitted to the State Engineer can be found here.

 Groundwater Withdrawal Credits for Lease

Groundwater Allocation Lease Form

George Whitten - 719-850-3002

Russell Alan - 505-330-6158

Victor Schaff - 805-331-4808

 Christine Gydesen - 970-596-4521