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Sub District No. 1 Amended and Restated Plan of Water Management

Please Click Here to view the Fourth Amended and Restated Plan of Water ManagementState Approval Letter for Fourth Amended  and Restated Plan  of Water Management

As of March 10, 2020 the Second Plan of Water Management is now in effect.

The State Engineer has issued approval for the Amended Plan of Water Management.  This approval covers the administrative revisions described below.

Click here to view the State Engineer's letter.

The Board of Managers for Subdistrict No. 1 have finished their work on drafting revisions to the Plan of Water Management and Appendices.  The revision have been completed in two parts; the first part addresses improving the efficiency of administering the Plan and the second part addresses changes to the budget based variable fee structure.  The revisions can be viewed by following the links below.  The District Board approved the changes on June 28th.  Please check the website periodically for notices regarding the process for revising the Plan of Water Management.

SD#1 First Amended Plan of Water Management 

The Plan of Water Management for Special Improvement District No. 1 was adopted by the Board of Directors of The Rio Grande Water Conservation District on June 15, 2009, In accordance with provisions of section 37-48-126, C.R.S Judge Kuenhold ruled on the Plan of Water Management with amendments on June, 2010. The following are links to the approved Plan and Appendices:

Plan of Water ManagementAttachment #1 Plate 1 Circ 18Appendix 1 – Annual Replacement PlanAppendix 2 – Surface Water Credit CalculationAppendix 3 – Subdistrict No. 1 WellsAppendix 4 – Budget and Accounting PlanAppendix 5 – Operational TimelinesRules and Regulations for Subdistrict #1Section 7 -- Surface water Credit Calculations Rules and RegulationsSubstitute Water Supply Plan