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Subdistrict No. 4 Board of Managers

The Board of Managers is composed of up to five members and one ex officio member.

  • The members must be landowners or legal representatives of landowners within the Subdistrict No. 4 boundaries.
  • The ex officio member will be appointed to represent the Board of Directors for the District.

David Frees - President
Pete Stagner - Vice President/Secretary Treasurer
Jan Waye - Manager
Jeremy Uhlenbrock - Manager
Vacant - Jeff Reginold 

Ex Officio Member
Peggy Godfrey - Manager


The Purpose of the Board of Managers is to carry out the general supervision and operational management of the Subdistrict.  Specifically, the Board of Managers must administer a plan of water management to benefit the property within the Subdistrict.  The plan of water management must be designed to remedy injurious depletions to senior surface water rights from groundwater withdrawals from Subdistrict Wells and to conserve and stabilize the water supply for irrigation, domestic, municipal, industrial and other beneficial uses for those water users within the boundaries of the Subdistrict. The Board of Managers operate both separately and in conjunction with the Board of Directors of the Rio Grande Water Conservation District.  


Regular meetings occur on the first Tuesday of the months of March, June, September, and December.  Please see our home page or calendar for specific dates, times and locations.