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Subdistrict No. 1 Announcements

Click HERE to view a copy of the Final ARP for 2022

Click here to upload your completed 2022 Farm Unit Update

Please click here for a Well Purchase Program (WPP) Application.  DEADLINE to submit an application is MAY 1, 2022.Click here to view the Well Purchase Program Resolution

Surface Water Credits for Lease 

Bowman -  (719) 221-0825


Click here for the latest version of the DRAFT Plan of Water Management #4 for Sub District No.1.

This DRAFT has been approved by both the Sub District No.1 BOM and the RGWCD BOD and is awaiting review by the State Engineer. 


The Sub District No. 1 Board of Managers approved the linked detailed budget on August 17, 2022.

Sub District No. 1 2023 Budget

Any questions regarding this budget should be directed to Linda Ramirez. She can be reached at (719) 589-6301 or by email at