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Sub District No. 5 Sub District No. 5 Work Session

A joint work session of the Board of Managers for
Special Improvement District No. 5 of the Rio
Grande Water Conservation District and the
Saguache County Board of County Commissioners
is set for May 9, 2023, and will begin at 3:00 p.m.
The work session will be held at the Saguache
County Road and Bridge building located at 305 3rd
Street in Saguache, CO 81149. The purpose of this
work session is to discuss the County’s concerns
with Subdistrict No. 5 operations. This work session
will also be available by Zoom teleconference
provided by the Saguache County Commissioners.
The public may participate and listen in to the work
session by dialing in to the Zoom Meeting. The
Meeting Id: 823 7485 1681##, the pass code: 793384
and wait for the work session to begin. This work
session is open to the public.